Professional Interpening

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[in-terp-en-ing], verb. - 

The Art and Science of the Cannabis Sommelier: evaluating flower for total quality control, psychotropic effects, and variety type designation.


Interpening is important for industry professionals and consumers due to the fact that speciation, strain names, and lab testing do not provide useful information about the quality or the effects of marijuana. Misleading strain names, vague speciation categories, and online reviews may tell you what’s popular and trending, but they don’t help you find safe, quality cannabis. Not only that, but how can you be confident in knowing how your weed will make you feel?

Playing guessing games with your health and having bad experiences aren’t worth it. And the truth is if you’re going to invest in cannabis, it ought to be high quality and provide you a positive experience. That’s why we created Interpening.

The Professional Interpening course will provide you with the knowledge and skill set so that you are able to determine the quality and effects of cannabis flower, based on physical and aromatic evaluation, regardless of the strain name, speciation category, or brand. Now you can be the one that determines the quality, safety, and effects of cannabis, all by simply using your eyes, nose, and knowledge.  As an Interpener, you will Weed Better™.

Interpening Course Topics

  • Cannabis Origins & History
  • Speciation Controversy
  • The Strain Name Dilemma
  • The History of the Word Marijuana
  • Cannabis Anatomy
  • Chemistry: Cannabinoids & Terpenes
  • Parallels of Cannabis & Wine
  • Unacceptable Physical Characteristics
  • Unacceptable Aroma Characteristics
  • Aroma Perception Technique
  • How to Predict Psychotropic Effects
  • The Professional Interpener

Interpening Course Specs

Video Time: 4 hours
Completion Time: 12 hours
Testing: Final Exam / 3 attempts
Languages: English (Subtitles Available) and Spanish
Difficulty: Advanced
Prerequisite: None
Achievement: Certification

Meet Your Guides:
Brandon Allen                                        Max Montrose
Chef Brandon Allen    Max Montrose